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Hi! I'm Shristy a professional Yoga & Naturopathy Expert.

It doesn’t matter if you’re flexible; we come to our mats to become more flexible. It doesn’t matter if you can’t touch your toes; each time you come to your mat and practice, you get the opportunity to get a little bit closer. It doesn’t matter what is happening on the yoga mat next to yours; you get to make it your own practice. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a pretty Vinyasa flow; just get inside your body and your breath, and get down with the beauty inside you. I always say yoga is not a competition, and I am so thankful for that; otherwise I would never participate. In short "You don’t have to be good at it"

Yoga increases flexibility and reduces stress, but the practice can do more than help you twist your body into pretzel shapes and find inner peace. These hidden benefits will help you in the kitchen, office and bedroom. Yoga changes your body, Starting the day you begin and will give you five new reasons to show off your yoga skills (plus recommended poses for each one!).

1. Boost Immunity
The recent Norwegian researchers believe the changes occurred while participants were still on the mat. Yoga also helps to boost immunity by simply increasing overall health. "As you breathe better, move better and circulate better, all the other organs function better."
Strike A Pose: Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar)

2. Ease Migraines
Research shows that migraine sufferers have fewer and less painful migraines after three months of yoga practice. Experts says it could be a combination of mental stressors and physical misalignment that create migraines. Hunching over a computer or cell phone with your shoulders up and head forward causes overlifting of your trapezius and tightening of the neck. This pulls the head forward and creates muscle imbalances that can contribute to headaches and migraines.
Strike A Pose: Bridge Pose (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana)

3. Boost Sexual Performance
Studies have found that 12 weeks of yoga can improve sexual desire, arousal, performance, confidence, orgasm and satisfaction for both men and women. How? Physically, yoga increases blood flow into the genital area, which is important for arousal and erections, says experts, and strengthens the "moola bandha," or pelvic floor muscles. Mentally, the breathing and mind control involved with the practice can also improve performance.
Strike A Pose: Bound Angle Pose (Baddha Konasana)

4. Sleep Better
Researchers from Harvard found that eight weeks of daily yoga significantly improved sleep quality for people with insomnia. And another study found that twice-weekly yoga sessions helped cancer survivors sleep better and feel less fatigued. This can be attributed to yoga's ability to help people deal with stress, says experts. "Sleep issues are like anxiety. Your head can't stop spinning, you don't know how to relax," he says. "Breathing and mental exercises allow the mind to slow down, so you're going to start to see yourself sleep better."
Strike A Pose: Corpse Pose (Savasana) With Diaphragmatic Breathing

5. Fight Food Cravings
Researchers from the University of Washington found that regular yoga practice is associated with mindful eating, an awareness of physical and emotional sensations associated with eating. By causing breath awareness, regular yoga practice strengthens the mind-body connection, experts says. The awareness can help you tune in to emotions involved with certain cravings, and yoga breathing exercises can help you slow down and make better choices when cravings strike.
Strike A Pose: Meditation / Relaxtion technique


I am a trained and qualified yoga instructor and Naturopathy Expert with more than 7.5 years experience. I proffer weekly classes tailored either to those new to yoga or to those who already love yoga. Based in California, I teach men and women, young and elderly, and run group sessions and individual personal classes. Please do call me to chat through which class would suit you.

I was a stressed professional artist for many years. But I found that incorporating yoga into my busy life was transformational, both physically and mentally. So much so that after accident in 2011, I decide to quit working life and train as a yoga instructor. It was a life changing.
I began teaching in Arora Physiotherapy clinic and built up a variety of clients, and continued teaching in another physiotherapy center “Hale and hearty fitness center” till i came USA

Physical fitness has always been part of my life, from a sporty school career to years of completing YANGCC (YOGA & NATUROPATHY GOVERNMENT CERTIFIED COURSE) course. where I scored 2nd highest rank. Stay fit and healthy is my ultimate goal for myself and for others. So I am tuned into the physical benefits of yoga as a tool to a leaner, stronger and more toned body that is less likely to get injured. But it is the mental toughness and body-mind balance that yoga offers that has really got me through the more stressful periods of my life. That's why I am passionate about yoga being essential to your total well-being.
Vinyasa yoga (sometimes referred to as Flow Yoga) has had a considerable influence on me, providing a return to the sense of freedom within a discipline that I found in my years of dancing: the flow of asana’s have a rhythmic quality and require dynamic breathing to deliver strength and mental focus in the routines.

I mostly command over Meditation (Relaxation technique), Pranayama, Ashtaang Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Power Yoga, and Naturopathy - Kunjal, vasti, Jal-niti, Shankh prakshalan

About Sun Salutation


SURYA NAMASKAR is a complete Sadhana (spiritual practice) in itself for it includes asana, pranayama, mantra and meditation techniques. In English we know the practice as Sun Salutation; which is the literal translation of the Indian (Sanskrit language) term. It is interesting to learn that the Sanskrit word ‘Surya’ (meaning the Sun) – literally translates into ‘Beautiful Light‘. This is an indication that Surya Namaskar is at once an energizing practice. The fact is various postures in Surya Namaskaar helped in energizing each of the 7 Chakras (energy centers) in the human body.
How to practice Surya-Namaskaar?
The practice involves 12 poses – alternately stretching the Spine backwards and forwards; and with alternate Inhale and Exhale instructions. Also, each posture has a chant associated with it – these are all different Sanskrit names of the Sun.
Position 1–Pranamasana (prayer pose)
Mantra: “Om Mitraya Namah” Keep the eyes closed and remain standing upright with the feet together and palms together in front of your chest in namaskara mudra. Mentally offering homage to the sun, the source of energy. Relax the whole body. Benefits: This pose establishes a state of concentration and calmness in preparation of the practice to be performed.
Position 2–Hasta Utthanasana (raised arms pose)
Mantra: “Om Ravaye Namah” Raise the hands and stretch both arms above the head, maintaining the namaste. Extend your elbows, keeping your arms locking your ears. Bend the head, arms and upper trunk slightly backward.
Position 3–Padhastasana (hand to foot pose)
Mantra: “Om Suryaya Namah” Raise the hands and stretch both arms above the head, maintaining the namaste. Extend your elbows, keeping your arms locking your ears. Bend the head, arms and upper trunk slightly backward.
Position 4–Ashwa Sanchalanasana (equestrian pose)
Mantra: “Om Bhanave Namah” Place the hands on the floor besides the feet. Stretch the right leg back as far as is comfortable and grasp the floor with the toes. At the same time,bend the left knee, keeping the left foot on the floor at the same position. Head should be tilted backward, the back arched.
Position 5–Santolanasana (inner equanimity pose)
Mantra: “Om Khagaya Namah” Keep the hands and right foot still, and take the left foot back besides the right foot so that the Keep the body parallel to the floor by strengthening the abs muscles. The legs and arms straighten and the heels come down towards the floor. Bring the head and shoulders towards the knees.
Position 6–Ashtanga Namaskara (salute with eight points)
Mantra: “Om Pushne Namah” Lower the knees, chest and chin to the floor simultaneously. The feet will come up on to the toes.Only the knees, palms, chest and chin should touch the floor. The buttocks, hips and abdomen should be raised.
Position 7–Bhujangasana (cobra pose )
Mantra: “Om Hiranyagarbhaya Namah” Slide the chest forward and raise first the head, the shoulders, then, straightening the elbows, arch the back into the cobra pose. This will allow the buttocks and hips to the floor. Bend the head back, thighs and hips will remain on the floor
Position 8– Parvatasana ( moutain pose )
Mantra: “Om Marichaye Namah” From bhujangasana assume parvatasana. Keep the arms and legs straight, grip the floor with the toes and use the strength of the arms to raise the buttocks and lower the heels to the floor. Bring the head and shoulders towards the knees.
Position 9– Ashwa Sanchalanasana ( equestrian pose )
Mantra: “Om Adityaya Namah” Keep the palms flat on the floor and the left foot in place. Bring the right leg and bring the right foot forward between the hands. Tilt the head backward and arch the back.
Position 10–Padahastasana ( hand to foot pose )
Mantra: “Om Savitre Namah” Bring the left foot forward next to the right foot. Straighten both legs. Bring the forehead as close to the knees as possible
Position 11–Hasta Utthanasana ( raised arms pose )
Mantra: “Om Arkaya Namah” Raise the torso and stretch the arms above your head. Bend the head, arms and upper trunk backward slightly.
Position 12 — Pranamasana (prayer pose )
Mantra: “Om Bhaskaraya Namah” Bring the palms in front of the chest.

Surya Namaskaar improves the flexibility of the body and spine especially. Also the ligaments and joints are made more flexible. It stimulates and balance all the systems of the body, including the reproductive, circulatory, respiratory, and digestive systems. When a lot of rounds are practiced the heart gets a very good work-out.
Our Endocrine system that controls the secretions of various hormones which play a crucial role in out health and moods; is kept functioning in perfet order through practicing Sun Salutations.


Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga, in which movement is synchronized to the breath, is a term that covers a broad range of yoga classes. This style is sometimes also called flow yoga, because of the smooth way that the poses run together and become like a dance. The breath becomes an important component because the teacher will instruct you to move from one pose to the next on an inhale or an exhale.


Pranayama aims at bringing the involuntary functions of the respiratory mechanism within human control. The term pranayama has been constituted by two words: Prana + Ayama. Prana is the vital force which pervades the whole cosmos. Prana is more subtle than air and can be defined as the energy essence that is within everything in the universe. Prana is the principle of development and sustenance both of the nervous and cellular tissues of the body and the mind.

Meditation (Relaxation technique)

When you meditate, you clear away the information overload that builds up every day and contributes to your stress stress Meditation can give you a sense of calm, peace and balance that benefits both your emotional well-being and your overall health. And these benefits don't end when your meditation session ends. Meditation can help carry you more calmly through your day and can even improve certain medical conditions.

Power yoga

True to its name, a Power Yoga class focuses on building and engaging your core strength to support you in more advanced postures. Set to energizing music, Power Yoga classes strengthens, balances, detoxifies and exhilarates the body and mind. It's great for strength training & It moves quickly


The Ashtanga yoga practice includes flowing sequence of postures utilizes ujjayi breath, bandhas (energy locks), and dristi (gaze/mental focus) to increase strength, flexibility, awareness, and to awaken core energies to help facilitate deeper states of meditation.

Gentle Yoga

Gentle yoga is a great class for beginners, experienced practitioners and anyone interested in exploring a gentle practice that addresses breathing exercises, a variety of foundational postures, guided meditation, mindful. self-care techniques. Gentle classes begin on the floor as a way to relax.

Kunjal Kriya

Yogic Stomach Cleansing Process: This is a technique for cleaning the digestive tract from the stomach to the mouth. It involves drinking warm, salty water until the stomach is full and then voluntarily expelling it through the mouth. Preparation of Water, Posture and the KUNJAL KRIYA should be done under the guidance of a yoga practitioner.

Jal Neti

Jal Neti is nasal cleansing process. Water poured into one nostril automatically comes out through the other. Sutra-neti, is an alternative to Jal Neti, where a fine thread is taken inside one nostril and then pulled out of the mouth through the throat. Preparation of Water, Posture and the Jal Neti should be done under the guidance of a yoga practitioner.


Shankhaprakshalana is not just a practice concerning the stomach and intestines, but is a thorough cleansing technique. It creates a repair action which affects the lungs, nervous system, skin, sinus area, the whole body, continuing while the person follows the regime of special food and asanas.


Shristy, you are the ultimate yoga instructor and I thank you for the guidance in this practice. With your warmth, wit and knowledge, you plant seeds of what's truly important in life. You have helped me spread my wings!
Sanora lyon

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It is almost impossible to describe the yoga experience of your class in 3 words. The best 3 that come to mind are Challenging, Rejuvenating, Transforming. But if I can take some more time here just to thank you for the wonderful gift you give all of us. Your class is AMAZING!For your Body, mind and soul. You enhance my life greatly and others too, I'm sure. The Stress Release, the physical workout and the beyond that is hard to describe. The aspect that makes your class so superior is it's perfect flow. One pose into the next. The perfect balance. The rhythm, the breathing, the difficulty and the ease at the same time. Your soothing voice and gentle reminders. Almost hypnotic. It can be a deeply profound and meditative experience. If it wasn't for your class, I can honestly tell you, that I would not be as healthy, as happy or as relaxed in my life.
Thankyou Shristy.
You are truly doing a great thing for me and others. And, you just keep getting better and better!
With great admiration and appreciation.
Andy Simond

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I am new to the yoga world and appreciated a free class of “restore” yoga that was offered.The facilities are beautiful and well thought out. I appreciated the simplicity and the beauty of the techniques which Shristy uses. She is kind and knowledgable.I would recommend taking classes here, for both the expert and the novice! Prices are very reasonable and you can get package deals.
Kate W.

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“YogaDip" has been a major stepping stone in transforming my unhealthy lifestyle to a better, more healthy lifestyle. Shristy and her teaching style empowers women, like myself, to work hard and be dedicated to changing unhealthy habits in order to reach the fullness a healthy lifestyle.”
God bless,
Morgan Spangler

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